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The last few survivors of the human race are finding refuge in the tiny safe houses that are all over the city in this horror-themed driving game. BUT those safe houses are not going to hold off the horde of zombies long enough. Armed with a crafty little school bus, it's your duty to drive around the city in an effort to rescue the survivors while making sure the zombies don't get to them. Using the W, A, S, and D keys for basic movement, you need to steer and pick up speed... and you better do it well if you don't want to end up in the zombie's daily menu. You have different weapons at your disposal, BUT your main weapon of choice is momentum as well as having a strong bumper. Surprisingly, the undead in this driving game is very vulnerable to being hit by a 20-ton vehicle! Anyway, so much for the control scheme of the game, let's take a closer and deeper look at Zombus.




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