The Heist

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The Heist Instructions

If you have played driving games before, the control scheme of The Heist is NOT as easy as others. BUT even if that's the case, they are still easy to pick up and should only take you a bit of practice to get a hang of it. First off, to interact with the guys at the starting screen, all you have to do is use your mouse. To start it off, click on the gray headed fella. He will tell you specifics of the mission at hand. The guy on the rightmost part, on the other hand, knows everything about the upgrades you might need along the way. And last BUT not the least, the woman in between will show you who are the guys you can enlist. When it comes to the driving part, it's as easy as pie. Just like other car or driving games, you just need to use the arrow or cursor keys of your keyboard. BUT let me remind you one thing: there are no brakes for your car or van. In case you find yourself in a sticky situation where you are about to crash into something, pressing the Shift Button to activate slow motion would be VERY helpful! Well, enough of the controls, let's have a closer look at the game.


The Heist


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