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Neon Rider Instructions

So you've played driving games before? Yeah? Cool, the controls of Neon Rider should be easy for you to handle then. For the most part, you will use your keyboard: the W, A, S, and D keys for basic movement as well as your keyboard's directional buttons. For driving forward, just press the W button and hold it down to accelerate. For tilting your ride to the right, hit the D button to get the job done. Tilting your car to the left direction, on the other hand, is done by pressing the A button and holding it down. If you need to slow down, just press the S button and that's it. Moving on, you may thinking what are the directional keys for. Well, here's the surprise: they are for changing your car's color. And get this, changing your ride's color isn't just for making your ride look cool. Nah, it serves a far more important purpose and we will take a closer look at that later in this guide. Originally, your ride's color is neon blue. Press the up arrow key to switch it to green. The left cursor key, on the other hand, is for changing it to red and the right arrow key changes it to yellow. To switch back to your ride's original color, just hit the down arrow key.


Neon Rider


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