Mini Dirt Bike

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Mini Dirt Bike Instructions

I'm NOT so sure who created Monster Rider and Mini Dirt Bike BUT it seems that they came from the same author! Just like its bigger cousin, Mini Dirt Bike comes with a very straightforward control scheme. To move forward with your mini rider, just press the up directional key and down arrow key to move backwards. And if you want to get that boost and do some back flips in the air, you can hit the left arrow key so your rider leans backward and the right arrow key to lean forward. And in case the sound effects are too annoying for you, just hit M to mute it. On the other hand, if you have to pause the game...say to go to the comfort room, answer a phone call, or to think how on earth you are going to save your rider from a fatal crash, just hit P. Pretty simple, I think you'd agree.


Mini Dirt Bike


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