Jet Velocity 2

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Jet Velocity 2 Instructions

The control scheme of this 3D and futuristic driving game is quite straightforward. If you have played driving games before, you shouldn't have any trouble with it and should come as second nature to you after a couple of sessions and practices: for basic movement, you will use your W, A, S, and D. The W button is for driving forward and accelerating. The A and D buttons, on the other hand, are for steering in the left or right direction. And last BUT not the least, the S button is for stepping on the brakes. Being a futuristic ride that it is, your car has a built-in weapons system. To make use of it, hit the Space Bar button. Or, alternatively, you can use the H, J, K, and L keys. That's about everything you need to know about the controls. Now, let's take a closer look at the game.


Jet Velocity 2


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