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    Play Big Rig: Driving School

    Big Rig: Driving School 437959 plays

    As tha name suggests, this online flash and driving game is all about learning how to drive and passing through driving tests. In Big Rig Driving School, there are 10 driving tests to go through and you need to pass...

  • 2
    Play Ambulance Rush

    Ambulance Rush 303708 plays

    Ambulance Rush is probably unlike any driving game or ambulance game out there - because, instead of picking up patients, or transferring them to a hospital, you'll only have to drive to a hospital - while hospitalizing as many innocent...

  • 3
    Play Truck Parking

    Truck Parking 279258 plays

    Truck Parking is a slow-paced driving game with emphasis placed on accuracy. In it, instead of racing, or anything like that, you'll have to park a semi-truck in a variety of levels. And although it may seem easy at first,...

  • 4
    Play 18 Wheels Driver

    18 Wheels Driver 136237 plays

    18 Wheels Driver is all about precision, patience, and accurate driving. Instead of racing against a time limit, you'll only have to worry about taking damage - the less you have, the greater your score at the end of a...

  • 5
    Play Monster Truck Maniac 2

    Monster Truck Maniac 2 114657 plays

    This online driving game (Monster Truck Maniac 2), the general idea is to score as high as possible. Sounds easy? Sure it does, until you realize that the missions in every game vary from one to another. At the beginning...

  • 6
    Play Monster Wheelie

    Monster Wheelie 86354 plays

    Monster Wheelie is a driving game that you probably haven't played before, since there aren't that many monster truck flash games out there. Instead of driving a normal, everyday vehicle, you're going to be driving a vehicle that can (and...

  • 7
    Play Redneck Olympics

    Redneck Olympics 80218 plays

    Redneck Olympics is actually three altogether; a driving game, Car Crushin, an event where you hurl a pig, Hog Toss, and a sharpshooting event, Pumpkin Shoot. At the main menu of Redneck Olympics, you'll be able to play all events...

  • 8
    Play Tractors Power

    Tractors Power 66616 plays

    Tractors Power, as it's simply called, is a driving game where you're trying to get from point A to point B unharmed. There is a problem or two, though, and you'll have to deal with obstacles, hills, jumps, and even...

  • 9
    Play Red Cross Rush

    Red Cross Rush 46188 plays

    The first level in Red Cross Rush is easy enough. In it, you'll simply have to drive from the start to the finish without exploding, blowing up, or dying - and that's all. As said before, you can take some...

  • 10
    Play Stunt Run

    Stunt Run 38795 plays

    Stunt Run is an exciting, chaotic racing and driving game where, instead of driving a regular vehicle, you'll be in control of a huge, monstrous truck. The premise of the game, and the goal of the levels you'll play through...

  • 11
    Play Ice Road Truckers 2

    Ice Road Truckers 2 32961 plays

    Ice Road Truckers 2 is the second game in this excellent driving game series based on the hit television show on the same name. The greatest thing about this game is that it is different enough from most of the...

  • 12
    Play Demolish Truck

    Demolish Truck 30246 plays

    The idea of this side scrolling and online driving game is to score as much as you can without getting destroyed. So how do you score in this game? Simple - there are stars all over the area. And you...

  • 13
    Play Giant Hummer

    Giant Hummer 30238 plays

    Giant Hummer isn't really the most unique driving game online, but it is a lot of fun and offers a pretty decent challenge for players; regardless of their skill or experience level with online driving games. While many of the...

  • 14
    Play Buggy Madness

    Buggy Madness 24844 plays

    If crushing cars, overcoming obstacles, and riding BIG is your cup of tea, then Buggy Madness is a game that you should check out. Just like the control scheme of this online driving game, the objective is straightforward: accelerate as...

  • 15
    Play Extreme Trucks 3

    Extreme Trucks 3 24461 plays

    Extreme Trucks 3 is one of those driving games that is so incredibly simple that anyone can play it but still entertaining enough to keep even the more experienced players playing level after level. There are no fancy upgrades to...

  • 16
    Play Shadow Factory

    Shadow Factory 23775 plays

    Shadow Factory is a unique side-scrolling driving game where you're set to explore a decaying and abandoned nuclear factory. While the story and setting are surprisingly original, the control scheme is standard - you'll move by using the arrow keys,...

  • 17
    Play Crazy Tracker

    Crazy Tracker 18714 plays

    In this online racing and driving game - Crazy Tracker, the objective is very straightforward: survive as long as you can. You see, you are stuck inside the Machine. You MUST avoid hitting all sorts of machine parts on your...

  • 18
    Play Mad Trucker 2

    Mad Trucker 2 18330 plays

    Mad Trucker 2 is, in a lot of ways, a pretty typical driving game. In this one, you're in control of a truck and you're just trying to make it as far as you can before your driving day is...

  • 19
    Play Extreme Trucks 2

    Extreme Trucks 2 15048 plays

    Extreme Trucks 2 is an easy to understand but difficult to master driving game that challenges the player to complete each level before time runs out and without destroying the truck. Each new level brings new challenges and obstacles you...

  • 20
    Play Zombus

    Zombus 14595 plays

    In this horror-themed driving game, zombies are everywhere. They have taken over the world and all you have at your disposal is a heavily armored bus as well as different upgrades to beef up its shield; zombie crunching bumpers; guns...


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