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    Play Taxi Rush

    Taxi Rush 480248 plays

    Taxi Rush is an exciting arcade-style driving game - think along the lines of Pole Position - with a few notable exceptions. First of all, you're driving a taxi cab, and you're able to weave between the three available lanes...

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    Play Crazy Taxi

    Crazy Taxi 130846 plays

    Crazy Taxi is a relatively simple driving game that quickly becomes manic, fast-paced, and chaotic. The controls are simple enough, and by the time you get to later levels, you'll be able to avoid anything that comes at you. The...

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    Play Transporter

    Transporter 116648 plays

    This side scrolling game is NOT really a driving game. Although, you get to maneuver around a lot in Transporter. The objective of the game is straightforward: you need to fly 'round and search for people. You need to save...

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    Play Sim Taxi 2

    Sim Taxi 2 110015 plays

    So what is the objective in this online and flash driving game? Very simple! Just live life like a true taxi driver. So you can see a passenger at the next corner? Go ahead and take him in! He will tell...

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    Play Zombie Taxi

    Zombie Taxi 65958 plays

    Yet again we have another game that is very much in sync with the up and coming Halloween season - Zombie Taxi. No, no, don't get the game's title wrong. You won't be playing as a zombie driving taxi who's...

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    Play Crazy Tracker

    Crazy Tracker 20377 plays

    In this online racing and driving game - Crazy Tracker, the objective is very straightforward: survive as long as you can. You see, you are stuck inside the Machine. You MUST avoid hitting all sorts of machine parts on your...


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