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  • 1
    Play Heat Rush

    Heat Rush 148310 plays

    Heat Rush - a 3D driving game that's just epic! 'On Your Mark!' Your eyes narrow down... set on the race track before you as sweat trickles down the side of your head, lingering for a few seconds at your...

  • 2
    Play Motoracer Time Trials

    Motoracer Time Trials 141262 plays

    Motoracer Time Trials is a fast-paced driving game where you'll have to avoid oil slicks, barriers, and traffic cones while trying to clock fast lap times. With three laps per race, and two tracks to choose from, there's plenty of...

  • 3
    Play The Highway Chase

    The Highway Chase 121115 plays

    The Highway Chase is unlike most other driving games out there; instead of trying to get somewhere as fast as you can, or trying to see how far you can get, you'll have a set distance you need to reach...

  • 4
    Play Speed Warrior

    Speed Warrior 78064 plays

    Speed Warrior is a flash racing game with tons of levels, cars to purchase, and cops to look out for. Although you'll start out the game on the easiest track, with the weakest car, it's up to you slowly build...

  • 5
    Play 3D Car Racing Deluxe

    3D Car Racing Deluxe 74748 plays

    3D Car Racing Deluxe is a deluxe driving game - you'll be able to customize your own car, with two car types and a bunch of different colors. But that's not all - there are five tracks you can race...

  • 6
    Play Drift Runners

    Drift Runners 73216 plays

    Drift Runners. At first sight, the game looks very similar to other racing and driving games out there on the net. A closer look, however, will prove otherwise. For one thing, this game encourages recklessness on the road! When other games...

  • 7
    Play Drag Racer V3

    Drag Racer V3 71485 plays

    Drag Racer V3 is the third version of the Flash game, Drag Racer. This version of the driving game features improved graphics, arcade mode, and three difficulty levels in tuning mode. Drag Racer V3 features two modes of gameplay: Arcade Mode...

  • 8
    Play Kart Pro Challenge

    Kart Pro Challenge 60098 plays

    Kart Pro Challenge is probably one of the most polished 3D kart racers online. Like other driving games, it consists of accelerating as much as possible, passing other drivers, and aiming for the lowest lap and race time. Each race...

  • 9
    Play 3d Motorcycle Racing

    3d Motorcycle Racing 52773 plays

    In this 3d racing adventure, you'll have two motorcycles and five tracks to choose from - except, at the beginning of the game, only two tracks are available. Each race in 3d Motorcycle Racing consists of three laps, so you'll...

  • 10
    Play Coaster Racer

    Coaster Racer 47930 plays

    Coaster Racer is a first-person racing game that can be compared to earlier games of the genre, such as Monaco Gran Prix on the Sega Genesis. The races take place on long but narrow tracks with 15 other racers who...

  • 11
    Play Test Pilot: Speed Series

    Test Pilot: Speed Series 43772 plays

    With three unique race seasons, 12 racing tracks, and 10 achievements, Test Pilot: Speed Series is one racing and driving game that takes time to get through. But, since it's fun to play in the first place, you'll have no...

  • 12
    Play Coaster Racer 2

    Coaster Racer 2 41607 plays

    Sequel to Coaster Racer, and a significant improvement over the previous one. In Coaster Racer 2, the first change you will notice is that you can now have a bike instead of a car if you so choose. Bikes have...

  • 13
    Play Drive 2

    Drive 2 38897 plays

    Drive 2, as it's simply called, is a racing and driving game where you'll select a track, have a set time you have to beat, and race against the clock. The first racetrack you'll run through is the easiest, and...

  • 14
    Play Drag Race Demon 2

    Drag Race Demon 2 37806 plays

    Drag Race Demon 2 - what I like about this online flash driving game is that it has a lot of stuff you won't in other games from the genre. First off, you can customize the way your dragster looks....

  • 15
    Play Speeding Wheels

    Speeding Wheels 36934 plays

    Speeding Wheels is more than just your average driving game; not only does it have fully-customizable cars, but there are four raceways to choose from - each having their own unique features and challenges. Not only will you have to...

  • 16
    Play Formula Racer

    Formula Racer 33030 plays

    In some ways, Formula Racer is much like most of the other driving games or racing games online. Your goal is to get through the race as quickly as you can so you can reach the end and unlock the...

  • 17
    Play The Fastest Snail

    The Fastest Snail 32094 plays

    If you thought snails can't race, then this online driving game will prove you wrong! The snails take the center stage and race track in this game. One thing I like about this game is the graphics - very cool...

  • 18
    Play USS Racing

    USS Racing 30018 plays

    USS Racing takes what's great about racing games, drifting games, and demolition derby games, throwing them together into one driving game that you won't want to miss. And, besides the gameplay elements at work, USS Racing is really difficult. To...

  • 19
    Play Jet Velocity 2

    Jet Velocity 2 29128 plays

    A racing / driving game set in the future - this is Jet Velocity 2. The objective of the game is as simple as it could get: you are to race against AI-driven players and you need to take the...

  • 20
    Play 3D Rally Racing

    3D Rally Racing 28869 plays

    3D Rally Racing is an addictive and entertaining driving game that puts you behind the wheel of a high performance rally car and challenges you to come in first in every race so you can unlock new tracks and eventually...

  • 21
    Play Diesel and Death

    Diesel and Death 28455 plays

    Diesel and Death is a driving game that puts you in a one-on-one against the computer. Diesel and Death features excellent graphics, simple controls, and straightforward gameplay. The objective of Diesel and Death is to defeat the computer-controlled opponent in each...

  • 22
    Play 3D MiniCar Racing

    3D MiniCar Racing 28029 plays

    3D Mini Car Racing - this online and flash driving game is a nice attempt to create a great racing game (with 3rd person perspective) that failed a little bit on the graphics department. I don't know about you BUT...

  • 23
    Play FastTrack

    FastTrack 27673 plays

    Are you a huge fan of Daytona USA - the game that came to be known as the most popular arcade driving game? Want to relive the action packed days in your home computer? Yeah? If that's the case, you...

  • 24
    Play 3D Car Racing

    3D Car Racing 25571 plays

    3D Car Racing is a flash driving game that you can play when you are bored to death during a rainy afternoon, forget the next day, and play again when you get bored. No complicated set ups, nothing fancy -...

  • 25
    Play Hummer Rally Championship

    Hummer Rally Championship 24508 plays

    Hummer Rally Championship is a racing game featuring the popular Hummer truck, a civilian derivative of the US Army's M998 Humvee. This driving game features amazing three-dimensional graphics, catchy music, and five different tracks to race one. Hummer Rally Championship has...

  • 26
    Play Car Can Racing

    Car Can Racing 24453 plays

    Car Can Racing is probably unlike any other racing or driving game you've ever played, because, instead of a car or motorcycle, you'll be driving a car...made from cans. A car can, to be specific, and you'll be racing against...

  • 27
    Play USS Racing 2 Extreme Edition

    USS Racing 2 Extreme Edition 24396 plays

    If you loved USS Racing 2, then you will go gaga over the extreme version. In USS Racing 2 Extreme Edition, you get 8 cars instead of the usual four. And guess what that means - more cars means more...

  • 28
    Play 3d Motorcycle Racing Deluxe

    3d Motorcycle Racing Deluxe 23348 plays

    3d Motorcycle Racing Deluxe is a racing and driving game where you've got to beat out every other racer - especially if you want to try out new levels. The motorbike you're driving can easily go much faster than the...

  • 29
    Play Grand Prix Go

    Grand Prix Go 22938 plays

    When you first look at Grand Prix Go is seems like a pretty basic driving game but there's actually quite a lot to it. From regular races to qualifying races, you need to be at the top of your game...

  • 30
    Play Crazy Tracker

    Crazy Tracker 20377 plays

    In this online racing and driving game - Crazy Tracker, the objective is very straightforward: survive as long as you can. You see, you are stuck inside the Machine. You MUST avoid hitting all sorts of machine parts on your...

  • 31
    Play Big Pixel Racing

    Big Pixel Racing 19781 plays

    Big Pixel Racing is an aptly-named racing game developed by Big Pixel Studios. This driving game features impressive three-dimensional graphics, an excellent soundtrack, and an innovative navigation scheme. The objective of Big Pixel Racing is to save your brother by winning...

  • 32
    Play Retro Rally

    Retro Rally 18861 plays

    There are only 3 things you need to keep in mind when you are playing Retro Rally: (1) Move your car using mouse's cursor. (2) The farther your mouse is away from the car, the faster your car goes. And...

  • 33
    Play Drift Runners 2

    Drift Runners 2 17549 plays

    Drift Runners 2 is the sequel to the driving game, Drift Runners. Drift Runners 2 features nine upgradable vehicles, four track environments, twenty races, and twenty more bonus races. You can also choose to listen to your own MP3s rather...

  • 34
    Play SprintRace3D

    SprintRace3D 13970 plays

    Well, just like in any racing or driving game, the idea in this game is to beat your opponent and reach the finish line first. I told you this game would win the Simplest Game Award. HOWEVER, don't think this...

  • 35
    Play Miniclip Rally

    Miniclip Rally 13746 plays

    Miniclip Rally is a driving game that is perfect for killing time. Miniclip Rally features three tracks to drive on, three unique characters to choose from, and smooth, colorful graphics. The objective of Miniclip Rally is to complete each...

  • 36
    Play Astro Trials

    Astro Trials 13562 plays

    Astro Trials is a unique driving game where you're not in control of a car, but a space ship. With your ship, you'll be flying and orbiting each planet in our solar system - and, there are three objectives in...

  • 37
    Play Desk Rally

    Desk Rally 12579 plays

    I'm just going to go right ahead and say it. Desk Rally is, without a question, one of the most adorable driving games online. The basic premise is that the track is formed on someone's work desk. You have to...

  • 38
    Play Kart Fighter

    Kart Fighter 12279 plays

    Kart Fighter is a top-down racing game likely inspired heavily by Micro Machines in physics and execution, featuring multiple gameplay modes. Time Trial is exactly what you would expect from a racing game, pick your conditions and race against the clock...

  • 39
    Play Ghoul Racers

    Ghoul Racers 11721 plays

    At the time of this writing, Halloween is just a couple of days away! Well, 16 days before November 1 to be exact. And if you are looking for an online driving game that is filled with the Halloween Season,...

  • 40
    Play Slide Racing

    Slide Racing 11494 plays

    Slide Racing takes what's good about every racing game out there, makes it tiny, and adds a whole lot of fun. Instead of racing with a full-size car, or even a regular size car, you'll be in control of a...

  • 41
    Play Polygon Racer 3D

    Polygon Racer 3D 10438 plays

    At its core, Polygon Racer 3D is really not all that different from most of the other driving games online. Your goal is to make it from the start of the road to the end of the road within the...

  • 42
    Play Kart On

    Kart On 8732 plays

    'Who will be the BEST racer?' This is the question that's been needing answers in Kart On. And with the final season about to begin, fans are looking forward to know who's the best of the best as well. And...


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